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Jazz with 500 years old grand rhythms-

sub-Rehavi was born in Istanbul. Two old friends, Serhan Adem on piano & Gokce “CheChe” Gurcay on drums. CheChe’s upbringing rhythm knowledge meets with Adem's unique melodies and arrangement skills.


sub-Rehavi performs as an acoustic piano-drums duo format on stage. Their music can be described as fresh piano music based on sophisticated grand rhythm patterns. Jazz with Istanbulite makam music with enlarged time cycles. 


Composed pieces turn into hot improvisations on structured rhythm patterns which makes sub-Rehavi so unique. An unexpected energy from a two piece band who also have some musical interactive moments with the audience.   

Music is based on grand rhythm patterns of 500 years old classical music from Istanbul Ottoman-era. These rhythm patterns are called USULs which have 
specific names and time signatures, and -nearly- for the first time all adapted to modern drum-set. Old materials turn into fresh elements of music with two highly talented players. 

sub-Rehavi 's debut album VELVELE represents different scenes and different time periods from Istanbul. Stories from more than 2.500 years old city.

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