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Gülbaba Records is an Istanbul-based independent record label founded in 2020 as a long-awaited component of Gülbaba Music & Artist Management. We, at Gülbaba, form a team of music enthusiasts before everything else. This is why, after working and touring with countless artists from around the world, we now aim to build a cultural hub structured around independent, original, and, principally, fervent music.
Our label’s roster, which proudly keeps expanding, currently includes such iconic Turkish legends as Moğollar, BaBaZuLa, Altın Gün (sub-label as of 2022), such prominent contemporary artists and bands as Melike Şahin, Hey! Douglas, Deniz Tekin, Barış Demirel, Ah! Kosmos, Ozan Tekin, as well as such emerging talents as Dilhan Şeşen, Develer, Hakan Vreskala&DJ İpek&Mahir Deniz Kartal, İkaru, Oh Voyage, Yasak Helva, to name but a few.
Our ultimate goal is to create a genre-fluid catalogue. As of now, the latter already embraces such a variety of styles as Turkish Psychedelic, traditional Turkish, experimental rock, new folk, electronica, and hip-hop & rap. However, we remain forever on the look out, with genuine interest, for both new sounds and unique stories.

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