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A long-play called Land of Session: Live at Müze Gazhane, comprised of concert recordings recorded with Netam, is presented to the public by Can Ömer Uygan, one of the founding members of the bands Kam and Gevende, as part of his Land of Session project. The first single from the album "Günaydın" will be released on May 19th on all digital channels through Gülbaba Records!

The concert recordings that make up this CD combine Uygan's close connection to the trumpet and his lyrical bardicism with Netam's electronic music, live instrumental touches, and his approach to creating music that deviates from the usual music genres.

Defined as improvisational-electronic by the band itself, this music is an experiment in which they reinterpret each other's music with their own unique perspectives and act around certain themes by prioritizing improvisation.

Land of Session 
Can Ömer Uygan x Netam

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