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Gülbaba Highlights

EKŞİ FEST 2014 & 2015
Gülbaba Music olarak, 2014’te Manu Chao La Ventura, BaBa ZuLa, Umut Adan’la; 2015’te ise Selda
Bağcan & Boom Pam’la, festivale katkı sağladık.

Les Escales Festival is an urban festival located in the city center, on the port of St-Nazaire. A festival
that takes place in the heart of summer, on the Atlantic coast and offers an eclectic program focused
on current music: pop, rock, soul, world or electro, between headliners, new scene and musical
discoveries. Each year, they propose a theme, a focus on a territory or a city to offer a panel of
artists, musicians from the guest city and most often still unknown to the general public! In 2014
Turkey has been selected as the designated terrotority; and Gülbaba Music curated the turkish stage
with names like BaBa ZuLa, Hüsnü Şenlendirici, Murat Meriç.

On the eve of May 5, the annual celebration of Hıdırellez, the ancient tradition observed throughout
the Turkic world, in the Balkans as well as in Turkey, marks the arrival of spring and is celebrated with
great joy and festivities that continue into the night. In May 2012 and 2013, Gülbaba Music has held
the festivities with the participation of brillian musicians such as, Burhan Öçal ve Trakya All Stars,
Brooklyn Funk Essentials DJ set + live vocal, Fire Water, BaBaZuLa, Dubioza Kolektiv, İstanbul
Arabesque Project, ASM, Mabel Matiz, Forty Thieves Orkestra.

Flow Fest is a legendary festival, organised in Helsinki each year in August. We, as Gülbaba Music
have participated the 2012 edition with three artists we were representing (BaBa ZuLa, Murat Meriç
ve Tamikrest)

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