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Barış Demirel started his music adventure in 2011 with stage performances under the stage moniker "Barıştık Mı." The same year, he won the first prize at Roxy Music Days. In 2015, he released his first album, "T.E.A.R.", in the scope of the Barış Demirel-Barıştık Mı project. In October 2018, he released his second album, "FAIL-PLAY", and he has been involved in many inter-genre music projects and collaborated with various artists on their albums and stage performances. In 2020, the first album of DPBD, the joint project he founded with Da Poet, was published.
Trumpeter, composer, songwriter, and performer Barış Demirel, who draws inspiration from hip-hop, jazz, rock, lo-fi, and many traditional sounds from this geography in his music, released his first solo album, "Mutluluklar", through Gülbaba Records in 2021. He co-produced the album with Da Poet, with whom he had numerous collaborations, and played almost all the instruments himself.
Barış has performed at many festivals in Turkey and abroad and has given concerts in countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, England, and Switzerland. In 2019, he was invited to the Montreux Jazz Festival, one of the most prestigious jazz festivals in the world, for his project "Barıştık Mı". He continues to work on his new music and collaborations.

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