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Altın Gün

Hailing from Amsterdam but coming from various backgrounds, Altın Gün has captured the world’s imagination with an indelible fusion, for over five years now. The band combines psychedelic rock, deep funk, synthpop, cosmic reggae, and more with the rich and incredibly diverse traditions of Anatolian and Turkish folk music. Debut album On (2018) quickly captured the world’s attention and a year later the band earned a prestigious GRAMMY® Award nomination for “Best World Album” with it’s sophomore LP Gece (2019). Gülbaba Records became the Altın Gün’s sub-label; as such, it proudly presents the band’s latest album titled “AŞK” (out on 31 March), recorded using vintage equipment and techniques, and representing visionary new readings of traditional Turkish folk tunes; revealing how these ancient songs remain eternally resonant and ripe for reinterpretation. This results in an exuberant return to the 70s Anatolian folk-rock sound that has characterised Altın Gün’s first two albums.

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