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Ah! Kosmos (Başak Günak) is a producer and an artist who makes experiments with the sound; she also designs sound spaces and performs site-specific works for theater, contemporary dance, film, and visual art projects. Her debut album, "Bastards," which received high praise from critics for being "dark, gloomy, and captivating," was released in 2015. She has opened for Jonny Greenwood at the Barbican Hall and performed at numerous foreign festivals such as the Sonar Festival Barcelona, Berlin CTM Festival, and Tokyo Electronic Music of Arts Festival. Her second album, "Beautiful Swamp," which was inspired by the image of a swamp that embodies "sensitivity, softness, flexibility, and strength," was released in 2018. She has recently composed works for Kunstmuseum Basel and Berlin State Museums. She currently lives and works between Istanbul and Berlin.

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