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Sound Ports Festival

Sound Ports is an independent music and arts festival organised by Gülbaba Music, dedicated to urban music, subcultures, Mediterranean vibes, positive people and positive thinking. So far, we have held 4 editions, with the participation of more than 50 musicians and artists. Besides a unique soundscape, ranging from groovy psychedelic sounds to trip hop, jazz and electronic, Sound Ports also features lectures, record fairs, exhibitions and culinary events. 


The first edition of the festival, held in 2016, celebrated the long-lived musical collaboration between two Mediterranean cities: Istanbul and Tel Aviv, under the theme ‘Tel Aviv – Istanbul Connection’. The curation of the events and concerts aimed to highlight new urban music from both cities, and nurture and further the collaboration between two vibrant music scenes, building on today’s sounds.


In 2017, fully aware as we are that change starts in one’s own mind and soul, we decided to set the theme as ‘Journey Within’. The festival acted as a meeting platform for artists, musicians, shamans and voyagers of urban Sufism, psychedelia, inner journeys, music, and humanity at large. 


In 2018, the third edition of Sound Ports titled ‘Empower One Another’, featured various branches and subcultures of the creative industries. It placed particular emphasis on opening up space for polyphony, and allowing people to experience, listen, hear, share together, and gain strength from each other in the process.


The festival’s fourth edition, held right before the outbreak of the the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019, under the theme ‘Cosmic Togetherness’, aimed at emphasising cultural diversity through music. It brought together extraordinary sounds, amazing international participants and experiences. 



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